Wireless Trans receiver Modules

ARDUINO Compatible

Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Modules

Please note this item is main part of global traders arduino kits if you dont got the same in your ordered than return the duplicate kit with proper feedback.
Global Traders Designed Handmade Printed Circuit Board [PCB] for Send Receive DATA wirelessly using ARDUINO.
Develop 2 PCB, one for Transmission and other for receiving data wirelessly.

ARDUINO Uses as Wireless Receiver Mode

Best part of these PCB is it has ARDUINO Slot compatibility. Means no single wires need to connect it with ARDUINO, just plug it in slot. You decide what you need transmission or receive on ARDUINO because of Transmission board and Receiver Board both has Jack to insert in ARDUINO. We are used here 4 bit of ARDUINO (analog Pins) to send Receive Digital Signals in to air. Signal Range 50 feets in the air, it may vary depend on cloud or frequency crossover. These Board no need to external Power. When plugged in ARDUINO it will get the power from ARDUINO board 5 volts.

ARDUINO Uses as Wireless Transmitter Mode

On the Receiver board we placed 4 LED to Show you which bit Received and what exactly Logic there either zero or one. So no Confusion when Read Digital pins in ADRUINO Codding. On the Transmission site we also arrange 4 Switches to send logic manually without Codding to check where our DigitalWrite working or not. if you want to drive it without arduino can power it +5 anf GND from other Sources [ mobile charger or battery] and need to GND to TE pin. [ Detail Circuit in DVD]

ARDUINO to ARDUINO Wireless Communication

In above video ARDUINO A sending an integer values in to air using transmitter module
And ARDUINO B is receiving and decoding and displaying on Seven Segment what exactly is Received using RF Receiver Module.
In the DVD of the kit you will find Clean Circuit Diagram and Source code of above Experiment. One more Source Code provided with DVD, you can change songs next or Previous and up down volume level of your Computer wirelessly using these module [for VLC Media Player].infect you can send instruction to computer application by Arduino

have a look

Wireless Remote Control for PC/Laptop Application

Step by step all installation Method and source code available in the DVD along with kit.

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