WiP Board Analog Project 6 in 1

Global Traders Clap Switch

Please note this item is main part of global traders arduino kits if you dont got the same in your ordered than return the duplicate kit with proper feedback.
6 in 1 Project is an Analog Project Readymade Board WiP6 Board. This Project is based on different types of input sensors and make switching effect for 5 led strip. Where is Programs [WiP Board] is made for to take several input and one output. This board process switching effect if it finds changes in input points logic low to high or high to low.

This complete project 6 in 1 comes with showed sensor and LED Strip which can use to needs of your projects. You can make 6 different projects by using Single WiP Board. This board will ready to use all assembled. You deiced what type of switching you need for your project requirements. This board has 2 connectors Jack for input 1. 2 Pin Socket 2.3 Pin Socket .Designed sensors will work only with this board because of we arrange the connector’s male and female socket [Headers] accordingly to WiP Board.
This board will give you Functionality of

  1. Clap Switch
  2. Fire Alarm [can connect 5volts buzzer instead of LED Strip].
  3. White Color Obstacle Detection Switch
  4. Remote Control Switch [ can use your TV Remote to ON/OFF Relay]
  5. Switching by Laser Light [can use laser torch to focus on sensor to switch device from distance of 500 meters [half KM].
  6. Magnet sensing switch [when connected sensor find the magnet field than it will switch]

Connections and Connectors

2 Pins Connector [Header] support for A .Remote Control Receiver, B. Microphone for Clap Switch
3 Pin Connector will connect Magnet Sensor, Laser Receiver, Fire Sensor and Obstacle Sensor [Please note Laser, Obstacle, Fire Sensor is on Single Module.
Please use one module for input at a Time to obtain Single Functionality from the WiP board
Best Part of this Board that Power Source can use as 5 to 9 volts so you can use your mobile charger to provide the power to WiP Board.you can also use 9 volts battery as Power Source for it. Both of connectors ready on board.

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