Object Counter(Minor Project)

Object Counter Ready to Use as Working Project Real Prototype

Global Traders Designed Minor Project object / visitor counter for the Purpose Students Minor Project Based on Infra-Red Light.it has uses some components and giving you great functionality to count of the object without programming. Idea behind this project added in the Arduino kit that Student should know how to get input when an obstacle found. You can also interface it with your Arduino [some soldering exercise need] to get wiring from this board to your ARDUINO Digital Pins. If you Google about object counter project than will find lots of bulky hardware circuit for the same output.

Here we use only 2 Transistors to get Switching of obstacle interference and count them using a single IC. Best Part of This Module is you can Real Implements in your Room Door also if you increase the wire length of Transmission and Receiving LED across the Door. Both LED should be line of site.

Provide power from battery of 4 volts which will find in this box. This battery is Rechargeable and can recharge with simple mobile charger for 1 hour to full charge.

                                      Global Traders Object Counter

Project is Count the Person or an Object which is passing between Continues Communication of Infrared. Whenever this Communication Breaks that time its Generate one Pulse of a Logic 0 to 1.changes of logic level coupled to Segment Counter if cd4026.

Students who want to convert this project in a Major Project can interface this with ARDUINO. Take Input logic level variation and feed to digital Read Pins. (4026 IC has input pin 1 so get a connection from pin 1 and couple to Arduino with also using GND Pin) .Benefit of conversion in to major that 1.increase numbers of Display from 9 to more Numbers. 2. Read input as Integer and implement with if condition with this integer that when its value is 0 than Switch OFF the Lights of the room, Save Energy. Print Message or Close the Door if Limit Reached the Maximum Numbers of Incoming Persons in the Room. For adding Features you have to interface Motors with the door and ARDUINO. Can also try to work it bidirectional after make a same circuit for inside the door and code for which one sensor [2 Transistor with IR LED] activated first.

 Please look the Circuit Portion which we designed to get obstacle information [change logic when obstacle crossed].

TX LED is Emitting INFRARED Signals Continuously and RX LED is arranged in front of TX LED so it’s getting INFRARED Continuously, when obstacle crossed between RX TX LED than changes in base biasing of T1 Transistor Resultant Transistor work as a Switch because of voltages variation on base has more than 0.7.we used here one more transistor to amplify the pulse for proper amplitude to get Logic 0 and 1 for coupling in to ARDUINO or inbuild Segment Driver IC4026.

Inluded with

1.Global Traders Arduino With Sensors And Components Kit


3.Arduino With Sensors And Components Kit With IOT

4.Global Traders Arduino IOT Kit

Note. When you received this Project please compare the same Image with your Recieved Project, otherwise return the Duplicate Kit immediately with feedback