Water Level Indicator

Water Level Indicator Project

Global Traders included a Water Level Indicator Project in the Arduino Kit for Experiment Purpose to Prove the Concept of Water Level through Transistor Switching. This will independently show the Level of Water Present in the Glass or Small Pot. It Show the 3 LED Blue Green Red to indicate the Level of Water.

Blue LED to Show LOW Level, Green Half Level, and Red LED Show that Full Tank if All LED off Means Tank is Empty. Students can also present it as a Minor Project or Interface it with ARDUINO or NodeMCU to get the Input of Water Level for Further Processing. Small Button Cell CR 2032 gives the Power to this Circuit. Please note if you are going to interfacing it with ARDUINO than you have to give the Power 5 volts to this Circuit instead of Inbuilt Cell CR2032. Because of ARDUINO Digital Input needs 5 Volts Logic Level to Read the Digital Pins. Have a look Video of this Project, what exactly in this Circuit.

Also noted when placing in to water, last limit of water is Below from Yellow LED. If you Ignore Yellow LED of maximum Water Level than may be Circuit not work because of water inserted in the circuit. For Bigger Tank or Actual Water Tank you can Place Handmade Electrode and take connection in to this circuit to Switch LED. This complete PCB will work as Water Level Indicator, no need to connect other connectors or any sensor. You just deep in water until yellow LED Location.