Tesla Coil Experiment Kit

Tesla Coil Wireless Power Transmission [Glow CFL and Neon without physical connection and wiring]

Global Traders Designed Tesla Coil Kit for Students who already tried or who are new in this domain. Presenting Improved Quality of Wireless Power Transmission using Metallic Body Transistor which will definitely give you more output power instead of like traditional 2N2222 Transistor.

Glow CFL and Neon Lamps without any Connection

We Designed Matched Coil set for Primary and Secondary using Proper Wire Gauges. We will also recommend you to make it by Hard Solder Wiring instead of on a Breadboard or solder less Connection.
Because of Unwanted Capacitance Generated by Breadboard Connections Lines and Tesla Coil Experiment needs a high Current Connecting of all the Joints where Coils and Transistor Connected.
You will get all arranged soldered components at the bottom side of holder where we fixed Both Coils. Have a look what how you will get readymade tesla coil project.
Because of all Performance is Depend on Tuned Coils and Matching Transistor and Resistor Value, infect it’s also major Roll of Current Drain by LED which is connecting on base to Emitter side.
Please not touch finger on top point wire of Secondary coil, its emitter an electric discharge arc at 2 mm, so do not touch the wire of secondary coil.
Have a Look Output of this Project. How you will connect everything, what’s the fun part in this Experiment. Circuit Diagram and Connection Detail is in the Last of this Video