Fastest Finger First Minor Project

Fastest Finger first using Integrated-Circuit D Latch (7475)

The circuit presented here to identify which of the one contestant is pressed Button First in all group of four contestants and locks out the remaining three entries. 

When a contestant presses his Team switch, the corresponding output of latch IC2 (7475) changes its logic state from 1 to 0. Once the organizer identifies the contestant who pressed the switch first, and organizer can reset with a Switch to Start Circuit again until a Team Pressed a button. So IC will disable until reset again. 4 to 5 volts Supply need for this circuit.

This Project has a rechargeable battery of 4 volts. Battery can recharge using mobile charger for 2 hours for full charging of battery.



IC 7475 has 2 Enable Pins. Outputs of The IC are Depend on The Enable Pins. If Enable High than Read and Process Further otherwise 7475 will Ignore the Input Logics. So when any one output comes than Both the Enable pin Becomes Low, Because of Led is connected to the Output of the IC as a Pull Up methods. From the output of the IC we made a LOW Pulse to Disable Further Reading of Inputs using Diodes in Reverse Biased. If you looks the Circuit Diagram it will more clear for the same. 

Note. When you received this Project please compare the same Image with your Project, otherwise return the Duplicate Kit immediately

This Project Only Inluded with in

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  2. Arduino With Sensors And Components Kit With IOT
  3. Global Traders Arduino IOT Kit