LPG Gas Sensor Module with Segment Display

Global Traders Presenting a unique small module for detecting Leakage of Liquefy Petroleum gas[ LPG ].

Complete Project LPG Leak Detector

Can use in kitchen to detect LPG Leak. The Module has Facility to insert in to ARDUINO Slot Directly without need of any cables or wire, so Students can make complete Project without any soldering Burdon or Hardware Needs. Best Part of this Types of Experiments that you can Check Output on Seven Segment Display for how much gas leaking. Our Seven Segment Board is Also Directly Inserted able in to ARDUINO Digital Pins Side. Used Common Cathode Type Seven Segment so it’s Need only GND Pin from Arduino side and Digital Pins to Provide High Logic to the Segment Pins. Complete Source Code of this Experiment will find in DVD along with Kit which also has working Video and how to inserted Modules in ARDUINO Slots. Now it’s easy to make Embedded Systems Project using De-attachable Module and give look like a Professionals Projects. For enhancement of this project can interface our Relay Board to Switch on the exhaust fan of kitchen if once you detected Leaks of Gas with your Projects. And also interface a Modem to send information on particular mobile number about gas leaking instantly.

Working Video ,Have a look this video, how easy to make complete project within 5 minutes