Global Traders Arduino IOT Kit



Global Traders Arduino IOT Kit

build Your own IoT with Our IOT Kit. What Students need How to start which library to install for IOT Learning? Idea Behind this kit for makes easy interfacing of Different Types of Sensors Motors with NodeMCU [Powerful 32 bit Micro-controller with WI-FI Connectivity] Using a Single Board. We Designed a Handmade PCB Board to implement Lots of Experiments about Embedded IOT Projects. Once you get this kit than Start Your Codding part and implement your own innovative IDEA of IoT project. Kit has A DVD with set of 12 Working Programs Codes, Videos. You will Learn How to access internet in your Program, how to send receive data from/to Cloud, how you can connect your Mobile Tethering with Nodemcu ESP8266.for the Students who are fresher in Programming can develop interest in the codding Part that why we added 2 Minor Projects 1.Fastest Finger First 2.Object Counter. First observe Functionality of minor Projects than implement it in ARDUINO to Reduce the Hardware for the same. With our handmade IoT Board you can Instant web access through your Projects. For the Iot Project, giving an Example of an Experiment if we need to access internet via ESP 8266, want a specific Text data [what is time now] and [what was Sunrise Time at Delhi], Results showed on 2 lines the codding part we visited 2 different website for this purpose and got whole webpage from that particular website than got required data in to integer and displayed it. Our Iot PCB board will give you ready to use LCD interfacing, Motor Drivers, Sensors connection on jack with WI-FI Connectivity using Easy Method. 
IoT Board 
WI-FI Connectivity Hotspot Setup 
Servo Motor Controlling Via Internet

  • with code of access Wi-Fi connectivity in easiest way using your mobile phone Hotspot for Iot Learning Experiments of NodeMCU.
  • Dual Controllers interfaced with all sensors Real Practical Approach with native collection (ARDUINO+NODEMCU)
  • With Handmade PCB Board which has onboard Motor Driver and LCD Interfacing with NODEMCU
  • See this video how we did using these Sensors
  • Best kit for inflowing in to IOT [Internet of Things]



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