Minor Project with GT ARDIUNO kits


Before serving you this kit we made from it practically

You will get these exclusive Modules with our kit [Global Traders Arduino with Sensors and Components Kit]

[1] ARDUINO to ARDUINO Wireless Communication using RF Transmitter and Receiver Modules

[2] RFID Module Interfacing with Custom Pins of ARDUINO [Distributor Board]

[3] Water Level Indicator without needs of Electrodes [minor Project]

[4] Embedded Amplifier / Noise Level Measurement Project

[5] Fastest Finger First Project [minor project]

[6] WiP Analog Project Board 6 in 1 

[1]. ARDUINO to ARDUINO Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication ARDUINO to ARDUINO using Transmitter and Receiver Modules from Global Traders. Exclusive Module Designed by the Global Traders to send receives sensors data wirelessly without any other hardware or wiring exercise. This module has ARDUINO Pins Slot Compatibility you just plug and play. An Embedded Engineers needs in robotics and in several applications to control wirelessly. Best part of this handmade module that its get the Power from Arduino +5 pins, so no need external power to operate it. Can also uses when you need to drive motors wirelessly with one ARDUINO.

Please Note Global traders Kit has one ARDUINO in this Kit, if you want to do above Experiment, You have to Buy 1 ARDUINO uno with cable Separately.

Transmitter and Receiver Module images

Transmitter and Receiver

Designed are very simple to check Functionality them themselves, means transmitter board has 4 switches so when you want to check this without programming than just press the switches and look on Receiver LED. Infect Receiver Module has 4 LED to give you impression what exactly is Received. If you want to use them without code than can use by Pressing Switches on Transmitter and get LED Lights up on Receiver Module Wirelessly. Best uses of this module in wireless robot control, send receive sensor data where no wiring zone, can make your wireless computer remote. Control Computer Applications using Connected ARDUINO after Received Signal from Transmitter end.

Our Objective was Add These Module for Reduce hardware exercise for Transferring Wireless Data from/to ARDUINO.

Experiment. [Control VLC Media Player using Wireless Transmitter and Receiver]

This Experiment is based on Wireless Data Transmission and Controlling Computer Applications using Wireless remote control. Global Traders Designed Handmade Module of Encoder and Decoder IC with ARDUINO slot Compatibility.

You can send 4 bits to the computer wirelessly using this module.

In this Experiment an ARDUINO is Connected with Laptop using UCB cable. This ARDUINO also have A Receiver Module which is getting signal from air and giving to PC/Laptop.

Transmitter side 4 Switches which Sending 4 bit Low Logic .After Decoding these Bits we send a Relative String to the Laptop for Controlling VLC Media Player.4 Switches Work Well to Control VLC Player for change the Song Track next and Previous and Volume UP and Volume Down.

Once you understand this example than can make more innovative Projects Using These Module. We used here HT12E Encoder IC in Transmitter Module and HT12D Decoder IN in Receiver Module with ASK315 Trans Receiver. Circuit Diagram in the DVD with Source Code of Above Experiments. 

Best Part to this Experiment You will also learn little bit about Python Script which will Easily Read from Serial port and send instructions to VLC Media Player. Step by Step Installation of Python with screen shot explanation and Source Code of ARDUINO and Python in the DVD along with this kit.

You can use them in Robotics Projects for Wireless Commanding and Controlling Motors Relays act.

If you need support/Query Please Feel free at 9829141896[English/Hindi]

[2] RFID Module Interfacing with Custom Pins of ARDUINO

[RFID MFRC522 ] Global Traders Presenting a Unique approaches for Access ARDUINO Pins for MFRC 522 and LCD Interfacing using Custom Pins Configurations. No Dependency on SPI Hardware Bus Controller. Our Source Code Will gives you freedom to manage GPIO for Your Custom Projects with Connections. Like you engaged all of Digital Pin in Your other Uses like Sensors or Motors etc. Now you want to more Pins to Interface like RFID Module and LCD Module with all of used Pins, So you Need minimum 6 more pins for LCD and Minimum 5 Different Pins for RFID, infect you also depended on the Hardware wise same Pins of MOSI MISO SCK for RFID Because of it has on SPI Bus in the ARDUINO Board.to Solve this Issue we Developed a Distributer Board and Source Code for it. This Board will take only 6 Pins For Both of This [LCD and MFRC]. in this Distributor Board you can insert RFID Module MFRC522 and a LCD and Both is Driven with Same Pins of ARDUINO. You just insert this Board in to Arduino analog Pins Side where it will get Power from ARDUINO to supply MFRC and LCD .

Have a look Circuit Diagram of our Small Distributor Board which will engage only 6 Analog Pins from ARDUINO Board.

In above Circuit you can see Arduino Connector A5 Pin is used by RFID Module MISO Pin and Same Pin is used for LCD Pin D7.The Point is both Modules [RFID and LCD] is Working in a Single Program to Display a UID of the Card. Infect MISO Pin [Master in Slave OUT] is INPUT for ARDUINO and LCD PIN D7 is Output of ARDUINO for LCD. Now what to do in our code to control one pin for multiple uses? Same thing is in Distance Measurement Project That Trigger Pin of Ultrasonic Sensor HCSR-4 is connected on A2 of ARDUINO and also connected same pin on LCD D4.Means ARDUINO Doing two Job for a Single Hardware Pin [A2] in a Single Program.

Distributor Board overview

In the Domain of Embedded System user wants their desired output only for the Purpose, it is different thing that what the designer wrote codes inside the Controller. You will find the solution in the code along with DVD of This Kit. Here is Working Video of Our Experiments which is done using Distributor Board.

Complete RFID Project on Single Platform

Best Part of this Board that Student can make their Major Project without Breadboard or External Wirings. You just Plug and Play Because of Module and Sensors are Detachable with Arduino as well as with Distributor Board. We have done 3 Project using this Board for Prototypes Purpose.

Uniqueness of the above Experiment that,using 6 Pins only from an Arduino, A0 to A5. All other Digital Pins are Free for uses in other Purpose of the Projects.

[3] Water Level Indicator without needs of Electrodes [inbuilt on Printed Circuit Board]

Presented Minor Project to Prove the Concept of Transistor Switching when Vary the Base Biasing by Conductivity through water

A Readymade PCB which has 4 Printed Line of a Good Conductor which Getting Continuity by Water and Sending to Base Biasing of a NPN Transistor.

As we know when a NPN Transistor base higher than Emitter by Volt0.7 than it’s Behave like a Short Circuit. Output LED connected to the Collector of Transistors for Provide Positive Supply, when Transistor Switch LED Lights Up.

Circuit Diagram included in DVD of This Kit. This can also Input to ARDUINO using Male Burge Connectors.

[4] Embedded Amplifier / Noise Level Measurement Project

Embedded Amplifier gives you 2 Functionality [1] for used as Amplifier like Mobile Songs playing with included Woofer Speaker [2] use as Noise Pollution Level Measurement. This Project can Interface with ARDUINO to Read Digital input where Level Crossed.10 LED Light will Show you how Much Amplitude Increased. Circuit Diagram of this Board and Connection Layout is in DVD which is included with this Kit.

More about this  https://wp.me/P9Nn3n-3O

[5] Fastest Finger First Project

Objective to add this project with Arduino with Sensor kit is that to encourage to student for reduce hardware using their Programming Skills. Here Presenting a Readymade Project Based on Ic7475.Students can understand what happening when a button Pressed and then stop input until its Reset. So how can do same this functionality using ARDUINO without IC7475.small Success gives us a motivation for Codding logic improvement. In this project we distributed 4 Switches to for Team and a Reset Button to The Person who asking a Question. Problem Statement is which Team Pressed button first? Solution Made by IC7475 to Disable Input if once input event occurred. Results Shows on LED Lights Related with Particular Switch.

Get 4 inputs in to ARDUINO using switches and Stop Execution of the Program until a New Switch Pressed.

Send Result to Serial Monitor Directly or connect it with Wireless Transmitter and Receiver, Result on Arduino than Print on LCD.