LED Array get-up-and-go using Remote Control

LED Array with VCC and GND Expansion Pins

LED Array get-up-and-go using Remote Control

LED Array

When interfacing a Sensor or your own designed circuit with micro-controller, it is complicate to observe that either hardware issue or Codding part.  Compiler can give us only syntax error never for logics. Actually that time we don’t know what happens, either from codding side giving wrong output or our hardware part is not responding as for we designed.

Common cathode type LED Array

Solving this issue by 8 LED Module can Directly connect to output bits and stop the codding using while(1) { }  [now Your Controller will Stop here Lifetime until you Reset the Hardware and Software] at every suspected location of Program and can see on ARRAY of LED what exactly output after each functions or each Instruction executing.

Please note Which LED Array you have. LED Array in 2 Versions

  1. Common Cathode

In Above LED Array you need a High Logic from Micro-Controller Side to Observe LED Light up.

and Common Pin Need to Connect with GND of your Controller.

  1. Common Anode

In Common Anode LED Array you have to send Logic LOW from Your Controller to Light up of LED.And Common Pin should be connect to + Pin of Controller board.

With help of this module we can check our code logically true or not. Especially Helpful when you working on Bit banging Programming for different Types of Buses.

Best part of this module is it has 5pins common male and 5 pins Common Female Connector for use as a Junction Point.

Uses of this junction that we can expand a GND Point and VCC Point for further more. Example that you want to connect a LCD with ARDUINO, and You Know that LCD Need 2 Pins For 5 Volts and 2 Pins For GND but only one Point Available in ARDUINO for 5 Volts. Now what to do for 2 connections of 5 volts for LCD Supply? In this stage LED Module will give you a 5 pin Junction Expander Slot. You can take a Male to Male cable from ARDUINO 5Volts Point and insert in to one junction and get 4 more point to connect 5 volts anywhere either LCD or other Sensor Supply needs.

No need to cut wires to make for manual junction for connection sometimes misplacing wirings and your project may malfunction. So our LED Array will defiantly reduce your soldering burden.And we can say that it will work as Hardware Debugger for Learner of Embedded System.

Please Watch the video how it will easy to check 8 output without using resistors,wires and led jungle on breadboard.