WI-Fi Connection Setup

Wi-Fi setup for IoT Board

In this session we are going to explain about how to setup Global Traders Handmade iot board with WI-FI connection of Mobile Tethering using ANDROID Phone.

This board needs only one WI-FI Connection it can either a Mobile Tethering or a Landline Access Point, BSNL Wireless Router.

In this series we are going to explain how to connect our nodemcu Board with mobile Tethering. Because it will Easy for Students, they can use this method to connect internet anywhere using there android phones and same mobile can use to Access this board or send/receive data from/to this board.

No needs of any external power supply when you want to make a WI-FI connection.

Infect Power Provided to LCD by the USB cable which is connected to NodeMCU.

Setup need only 3 Steps 

1.Hotspot setting in Android Mobile Phone

2.Credential Setting in Source code

3.Compiling and Uploading Process and error Rectification

1.Hotspot setting in Android Mobile Phone

  1. Open hotspot in android mobile and click on setup wi-fi hotspot setting tab. Enter for Network Name(SSID=xxxxxxxx), Password(xxxxxxxxx) here xxxxxxxx means your credentials as Your choice. Please remmeber thease or note down, becuase of we need again the same to paste in codding part

 SSID and Password in Red Circle

2.Credential Setting in Source code

Open your ARDUINO IDE than our first experiment named “WIFI_LIGHT” which is in the DVD, our all experiments, you will you get in the DVD, for this first experiment Path is your pc name\DVD\Tested Programs\1 WIFI LIGHT ON OFF\WIFI_LIGHT\ WIFI_LIGHT.INO

after open WIFI_LIGHT.INO File Than Write the Same above credentials in Your code for SSID and Password(See This image )

After entered The Credentials in to code, than compile and Upload to NodeMcu. Please make sure that Your ARDUINO IDE should update with board manager with Jsons for NodeMCU. Want to learn more about installation of board manager than please follow up our installation tutorial with screen shots.


also make sure about Port using by Nodemcu. If you getting uploading Error than go to device manager and plug the USB cable out and Reinsert in USB and see Which Port Number assigned by the System for nodemcu?.

If port number is not available in device manager that means nodemcu driver is not installed. See the chip number on nodmcu and install same driver.You will find driver in the DVD of this kit.

Now open Arduino Software than go to Tools and Select the same number of Port which is assigned in Device manager. Please See this Image

When uploaded Code in nodemcu than it will connect automatically to mobile hotspot (if SSID and Password is same as in code and in mobile Tethering settings)

In ARDUINO IDE open Serial Monitor with same comport to See the Status.  Serial Monitor will Show you a Connecting… than Connected than it will give an IP Address of Connected Server.Note down the IP and Paste in to Browser like Chrome or Firefox of Connected Device or in Same Mobile Also. (note Some of Android Version is Showing “IP of Connected Device” in to tethering section).Now a web page will land in browser which is coming from our nodemcu codding part. That’s all done.  Control everything via WI-FI. Even from all devices which are connected to this WI-FI. Now several devices can access Your Single Nodemcu at any time.

We Spend plenty time to create this platform to easiness in Learning for a Fresher Student. If you want to get support in any Step of installation or Regarding our Experiments, Please call me any time or WHATSapp  at  9829141896 [language Hindi/English]