WI-FI Controlled IR Signals

This is Nice Experiment to understanding that how a Server Sending String or Integer Value to the WI-FI Connected Devices. From Server Side three Predefined DATA in HEX Format of IR Signal Sending to NODEMCU and NodeMCU Resending it on D4 Pin. So you can Control Your NEC Protocol Based Device from WI-FI Connections. You have to connect a Transmitter IR LED on D4.if You Want to Just See what Exactly DATA Send from Server Side can see on LCD of This Iot Board. For Every Experiment You need a Setup Connection of WI-FI so we suggest you to Read About our Tutorial in IOT Section “WI-FI CONNECTION SETUP” Page First.

Once You Connect the Hotspot Successfully than Open Serial Port Monitor on ARDUINO IDE and Write down given IP Address of Connected Server. This IP Address is need to Paste in Chrome or Firefox in Connected Device. Start Sending IR Signal From Browser.

 Screen Shot 


here is Working Video


If once you able to get data from browser in to a microcontroller than you can control more things Hardware Wise, because you have multiple GPIO Spares. Try to Control Servo motors stepper motors geared motors etc.