GT-IoT Board

Global Traders Iot [Internet of Things ] Handmade Board

Global Traders Develop a Handmade IoT Board with Help of Some ICs Connectors For Easy Learning of Internet Of Things Based Projects. As all know Future Technologies will Control Everything based on IOT Projects. In this Vision We Prepared a Fully Helpful Board for the Students Purpose who wants to involve in IOT Developments Area. As we know without Hardware implementation we cannot prove the concept of our Programming and our Project Idea in IOT Domain. Engineering Students have lots of innovative project ideas they can implement on this Types of Ready to use IoT Board. After spend lots of time we bring a Readymade Hardware Board which can perform several of Experiment without Soldering or Connection Exercise. You can interface your Sensors

Motors with this board by just plug and play sockets. It wills definitely easiness of Interfacing Sensors LCD etc. Now you start your Internet of Things Idea very easy. Our main objective for development of this IoT board for a student can complete there project on a single board no need to extra Hardware exercises in to interfacing. Most of thing which is needs in every project building Like a LCD, Input Output Pins is Prefix with NodeMCU.

This development board has also Some Flavor for robotic lovers. Oh yes you can drive 2 geared motor and control them via mobile /pc/laptop using chrome browser or Firefox browser. A Separate Motor Driver IC L293D also embedded in this board.  You can drive 2 geared motors without any additional hardware or wiring; just plug motor connectors in to this board. Uses as WI-FI controlled robot as well as you can use it as Line follower robot. So send this robot to a fired place and get the temperature and humidity values in your browser and also send instruction to robot for control a fire extinguisher if it was placed on robot and connected a geared motor to clutch of extinguisher for stop the fire without human interference.

See this Detailed Connections on this board below.



 once you understand how to setup connection of nodemcu to WI-FI hotspot than you it’s really Easy Everything in Internet of Things Area. Please see this “WI-FI CONNECTION SETUP” link


We completed projects using this board.


  1. Measured Distance of an Object and Display on LCD and Shows on Wi-Fi Connected Mobile Phones
  2. Read Humidity and Temperatures Level and Pass these values over Server for Connected Devices display
  3. Control Wireless Robot using WI-FI. Loading GUI Buttons on Webpage without any Other Application F/B/R/L Buttons.
  4. Read Analog Voltages using Pot Control and Convert in digital and Send Value to LCD and Server
  5. Stepper Motor Controlling via WI-FI Webpage.
  6. Servo Motor Controlling by Mobile Phone
  7. Send IR Command from Server Side to Nodemcu and Transmits to Device NEC Protocol. (Control Your Televisions using Chrome or Firefox of Mobile Phones.
  8. Fetch Data from Specific Website and Display Your Required Information with in whole Web Page on LCD of 2 Line Only.
  9. Got 4 more Output Pins on ESP Module because the board has Shift Register IC HC595 ONBOARD so this will give you more Outputs Pins for use further needs.
  10. OLED Graphic LCD Demo (Print Your Image on 0.96 inch LCD.

We choose here software IDE as ARDUINO IDE for programming of nodemcu its Really Great job done by the open source community. It’s a bundle of library which is also available on github .we just thinking about new sensor interfacing and when we are searching for that, wonder because someone already uploaded it before.The best part of nodemcu is it has 32 bit High Speed controller with WI-FI Connectivity Feature and Programming Method is Same as an come out from Simple  ARDUINO Project, step in to new Technology of NODEMCU because every future vision Projects is depended on INTERNET OF THING.

Circuit Diagram

You Will Get Complete Schematic Diagrams in the DVD along with Codes and working videos of Each experiment with supported Library in This kit, Check invoice before pickup to this kit and first see there sold by Global Traders in your Invoice copy, else shipper is not Have All genuine Codes, Return duplicate kit immediately with feedback.

If once you understand how to setup connection of nodemcu to WI-FI hotspot than you feel it’s really Easy Everything in Internet of Things Area. now You Ready to  go to Cloud side using this Board .Please see this “WI-FI CONNECTION SETUP” link

This Board Included only with in

1.Global Traders Arduino IOT Kit
2. Arduino With Sensors And Components Kit With IOT