Fetches data from Website

Fetches data from Website

Global Traders Developed an Iot Board Handmade with Great Features, interfaced. If we need web access in to our Project work than it is Easy Now. In This Experiment With this Board we need to connect our Project to the Internet without human Dealing for a Particular Website and need to Get Live Data (Present Time) which is Updating in Every Second on the Webpage. Here NodeMCU doing this Job Very easily for us. Best Part is no Hardware Wiring just Plug NodeMCU and a LCD and Transfer our Source code which you will get in the DVD with This Kit.

In Internet of Things [IoT] as we know Machines to Machine Communication even can take Hardware wise Action on the Changes Data where we want. In this Experiment we are getting Live Time from Website https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/india/delhi . You can Switch Devices from your code when a Particular Time Changes. For an Example That School or a College Automatically Announcing message or Belling without human involves.

Once you done this Experiment successfully than you will get more Confidence about IOT Project hand in.

 Live Time from Internet by Global Traders


1. Share Market live Price
2. Temperature of any Location
3. Sunrise Time of any Place
4 . Get Weather Forecasting information and send to former about save Water before a day
5. IPL Live Score
6. Move to Motors which is Connected to Solar Panel According to live time means no need of sensor or LDR to get the Direction of Sun. You can Get the Time and make Relation of Solar Panel Direction according to your Location and Get Maximum Power from Solar Panel.(Make an Innovative Solar Tracking System Project and Contribute in the Mission of MAKE IN INDIA)

OLED Graphic LCD will Help you to Display more Items.