Arduino Iot Kit [internet of Things]


The Kit Designed for Access Web for Project Purpose with WI-FI Connectivity. Generally Output of Interfaced Sensors values is showed on LCD only, we Try to step ago for Send the output from sensor to cloud. Here Presenting a HANDMADE IoT Board Which Will give a Ready to Use interfacings using Your Embedded System Creativity. It’s now easy to start IoT Project. Assembled Components Collection will give you variety of Project Ideas. After plenty research we find the idea behind this kit that lots of processors have how to start IoT Practical Projects. Without a Proper Hardware, project performance may vary. Our Handmade PCB Board have Connected a NodeMCU [WI-Connectivity 32 bit Micro-Controller] which can Program as same as ARDUINO. You just install Board Manager as ready to Control Projects via Your Android Phone or PC or Tablets.

ARDUINO IOT Kit has a Red color Light weight Acrylic Chassis which has Holes For fitting 2 Clamps for fixing the Motors.2 BO Motor Can arrange on this chassis with front side of a Caster Wheel. You can use it as Small Robotic Exercise like Line Follower Robot Hand Gesture Controlled Robot, Blue Tooth Control Robot or WI-FI Controlled Robot. The Purpose of this chassis can fix an ARDUINO on it and LCD or can use in Robotic Projects.

Our Customized Audio Amplifier can interface with Arduino and can check how much noise pollution Level present here. Electret Microphone can connect with MIC in socket on Amplifier Board and get the 10 LED Light Variation According to input signal from Mic.D0 to D9 Output Male Connector on it so we can select which level we need to make a threshold level for input in to Micro-Controller. Amplifier can also connect with any mobile phone or laptop or pc to enjoy music in the room.