Embedded Amplifier/Noise Level Measurement Board


This Project is not Only uses as an Sound Amplifier But also its give a great Functionality to interfacing with your micro-controller for measure noise Pollution level is present in the rooms. This board also has a Socket where you can connect a microphone for input. According to input Sound, speech, level the 10 LED light will give you Light indication according to amplitude of received signals from microphone. It has 10 Output Bits for get Input in to ARDUINO for Read as Digital Input. You can connect only one Output if you want to switch some things After Noise Reach at Threshold Level.

 The board has Regulated Power Supply on Board, it need 12/9 volts input power from SMPS Adaptor and it will give you a Classic running light effect on LED according to Amplitude of Input Signal, You can Control Volume Level by Rotating Pot Control on it. Output of The Amplifier is Sequentially Data out Pin Means Next bit output comes after previous data pin already high.

In below video we interfaced 8 output of the amplifier in to an ARDUINO. Here your choice how many inputs you want for codding infect its show by LED that which one Output Bit is Sufficient to set a Threshold Level in to Program side, so you can take that Single bit for input in to ARDUINO. In Programming we need to only Read Digital Pin for High or Low. As you can see that video song playing in mobile and we take output from Mobile using Aux Cable for Amplifier. Here you can connect a Mic instead of Mobile to get Live Noise Level from your Room or hall. 2 pin Microphone Socket is also available on Amplifier means use to AUX cable or can use a Microphone.

LED Lights on Amplifier are varying accordingly its Receiving audio Level by Microphone. When changing Volume Control in to Mobile that Time LED is also changing Lights. So we can Decide which Level is Best for Set Threshold, for example LED 7 is Last one for maximum Noise that Time we can Take D7 Bit of Amplifier and Send input in to ARDUINO to Take Decision what we want to further if Level Crossed. Here we are just printing a Message on Serial Monitor that Noise Level crossed Threshold Level. Can interface a Relay Board to Switch Heavy Load when Noise Gain access. We are also trying to improve more sensitivity of microphone by adding Pre Amplifier Section, before coupling the Signals in to Amplifier input.  


For the entertainment purpose you can connect your mobile,Laptop or PC with AUX jack and enjoy music on Embedded Amplifier.


Circuit Diagram of This Amplifier and Source code of this Experiment is available in the DVD with this Kit.

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If you want to add more Features or you have new Idea, Please Share us, we will defiantly try to make it more interesting Experiment. We are trying to implement it in to a Primary School to check which Class Room making more Noise when a Teacher is not present in particular class Room.


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