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Global Traders ARDUINO Kits Included Unique Modules which will give you easiest way for Assembling of your Project. These Modules will give you Plug and Play Facility for ARDUINO Board Directly. Reducing Wiring / Cabling and give your Project View in a professional manner. Click on the module name for further details. We tried to reduce soldering burden for Students to interfacings, so you can focus on your own Idea and Programming Logics for making innovative projects.

Exclusive Modules with Globaltraders’s ARDUINO Kits. Please Click the Links for Brief Details of Each Item.

  1. Wireless DATA Transmission and Receiver Modules, [ADRDUINO Pins Slot Compatible]
  2. WiP-6 Board Analog Project Board [it’s a Readymade and Joyful Learning Stuff can use as Your Minor Project]
  3. Distributor Board for RFID Interfacing Using Only 6 Pins From ARDUINO and giving you Modular Programming Learning Experiences. Bit banging Programming for SPI BUS and LCD at a Time.
  4. Embedded Audio Amplifier /Noise Pollution Level Measurement Board with 10 Sequential Bits for ARDUINO or Other Controller Interfacing.
  5. Tesla Coil Ready made Project [ Latest research Topic for CS ECE EE and ME ]
  6. Compressed Air Presure Leak Detection Module
  7. Petroleum Gas Leaks Measurement
  8. Fastest Finger First Project [Without Programming]
  9. LED Array with VCC and GND Expansion, Debug your hardware and also Your programming at any Suspected Stage
  10. Object Counter Project [Without Programming]

Wireless DATA Transmitter and Receiver Modules Ready to Use

Send Receive Sensors DATA Wirelessly to/from ARDUINO, Control Computer Applications Wirelessly as Remote Control of a PC/Laptop, Communicate Two ARDUINO Wirelessly.

WiP6 Board [Where is Program] Analog Electronics Project

Student can use it as Minor Project, Concept is that base board can get several types of INPUT Pulses like Fire Sensing, Clap Sensing, Laser Beam Sensing, White Color Obstacle Sensing, and Magnet Field Sensing and drive one Output as Relay Switching without Any Code/Programming.

Distributor Borad RFID LCD Tempareture and Ultrasonic Sensor

Idea Behind of this Distributor Board to reduce hardware wiring. Uses 6 Pins and connected to 11 Point for MFRC522 and LCD and you will find given code will give you unique Technique to use Digital Pins of ARDUINO Dynamically in your Codding Part.

Audio Amplifier/Noise Pollution Level Measurement Board


  1. Enjoy Mobile music with Dancing Light as Audio Amplitude.
  2. Input in to ARDUINO to Take Action if Noise Level Crossed a Certain Threshold Level because it has Microphone to get noise input from environment.

Tesla Coil Project [Glow CFL Tube light wirelessly]

Tesla Coil with the Help of Successive Readymade Tesla Coil Using DIY Tesla Kit In this kit you will get one Ready to use handmade assembled Tesla Coil complete Project

We added all components and wiring soldering inside the holder at bottom side, give surprise to your friends that how a CFL lights up without supply of electricity.
Lightup CFL and Neon Lamps in air without any connections/Proving concept of electromagnetic induction

Compressed Air Pressures Leak Detection Module

Global Traders Developed a Small Board which having great usability to detect an air Pressure Leakage.Leak detection is an important aspect in optimising a compressed-air network.
As all Know that Manufacturing and Servicing Department of a Factory uses a high Pressure Air for cleaning and breaking and more fields, the Problem is to find where is Leaks? , which joints of Pipe have Leakage of air? High Pressure Air needs more Location from the distance of compressor or air Storage Tank. It is need to use pipes and joints to provide required location air Pressure.
This Module has capability to produce analog voltages accordingly high pressure detected in the open area because of human hear is limitation of listening frequency is not more than 20 kHz. High Pressure Leaks generates 30 to 50 KHZ noise in the environment and this module can detect that Leaks.
We Developed module for ARDUINO Compatible so no need any other Power source for give the Supply to Module , you can just insert this module in to Arduino Analog Input side using Jack System. Module gets Power from ARDUINO +5 and GND pins and give Output to the A1 Pin of ARDUINO.
You will get Source Code of this Project in given DVD Folder Name Air Pressure Leak Detection.

If you want to check in Real Application than follow the same as we did. We Brought a Tube of a Scooter Wheel and make a Puncture [pin hole] in to tube. We filled up air using air compressor at cycle mechanic shop. Now we focused the Sensor Mouth in front of Location where we make Puncture. Resultant we display the values on Serial Monitor of ARDUINO it raising when sensor nearby hole where air Leaks.
We have tried to reduce the cost of available device in the market using an embedded system project prototype. For engineering student this project in suitable to make their power full resume if once they make this real project by using this kit.
Best Part of this Project is its very Compact Designed Because Of Module is Detachable with ARDUINO Board, so no more extra hardware required for whole Project. And giving a great results for industries uses as well as domestic purpose
You can check the Values on Serial Monitor and if you want to make it as hearable for human as can use this value as input of ARDUINO tone Generator Function. Secondly you can also connect our LED array to look how much Pressure Leaking on Numbers of LED Glowing on LED Array.
Program include for Serial Monitor Displaying Value and show on Seven Segment Display.

Industries Need This Types of System where Compressed Air Pressure uses for different area and air passes through pipe networks and Joints.

Petroleum Gas Leaks Measurement

objective/Theory:In this experiment we will learn how to get variation in to an integer values according to Gas Found in to environment. We used here MQ6 Sensor which is quite suitable to detect a Petroleum Liquefy Gas. MQ6 gives us Analog Voltages Varying according to its find LPG Amount. These voltages will couple to ARDUINO Analog Reading Pin. Received Values will show on Serial Monitor. We tested it by using a Lighter which having gas, Start Lighter than stop flame by air so now gas is flowing in to environment now place the sensor near with lighter to check values increasing on Serial Monitor. Can further enhancement to send SMS to particular Mobile Number for intimation about gas Leaks, using interface a GSM Modem with Connected ARDUINO. it may be an innovative Embedded System

Fastest Finger First Project without Programming

Use as a Minor Project, but try it by ARDUINO program for the same Functionality, Students will Learn How to stop Programming if once its gave Output of whole need than how to restart program again to get the same routine without removing power from ARDUINO and Reset Switch.

LED Array

LED Array is important tool for an Embedded Engineer. To find either wrong logic implemented or hardware is not responding as for designed it.

Object Counter/Visitor Counter Mini Project without Codding

Please Google for object Counter Circuit you will find lots of Bulky circuits only for count the object using infrared, here we make clock pulses as find obstacle and just coupling to counter IC to Reduce Hardware without Codding. Now it easy for Students to make interface it with ARDUINO to convert in major projects, infect you can remove counter IC if Interfacing with ARDUINO

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